Hi, my name is Jenn!

I make ocean inspired artwork, jewelry, candles, and more. I use many mediums, including gel wax, alcohol inks, resin, acrylic paints, and mica powders. All of my artwork is created in my home studio in the Wilmington, NC area.

I have always been drawn to our oceans!

My artwork is inspired by our beautiful seas and the bright, colorful creatures who call them home. I enjoy sharing my love of the oceans with others through my artwork. I especially love working with gel wax and resin because of their transparency, fluidity, and other similarities to water. Working with vibrant colors is also a passion of mine I am able to express through my jewelry.

A portion of all my sales is donated to a different animal rescue/wildlife charity each month!

I feel it's important to give what we can to support our fellow creatures, especially the ones who have become endangered because of our actions. Know that with every purchase you make from me, you're helping make our planet a better place.