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Neon Rainbow Dot Mandala Coffee Mug

Neon Rainbow Dot Mandala Coffee Mug

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Hand-painted, one of a kind, 12 oz navy blue ceramic coffee mug, sealed with resin that has a little bit of mica powder in it to give it a sparkle.  Food safe but NOT DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE SAFE.

Colorful, bright, and trippy!  Resin coating adds an extra pop to the vibrancy and 3 dimensional feel.  Great way to add a little zen, calmness, and relaxation to your life.

I enjoy painting dot mandalas.  It's very relaxing to me.  I often play Indian sitar music in the background and I just get lost in the dotting for hours at a time.  Most people tell me this would drive them crazy to paint, but I find it so meditative and calming.  I hope the positive, zen vibes I put into each painting transfers to you. :)

Treat yourself of purchase as a gift for that special coffee lover we all know!
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